Monday, October 27, 2008

the Really easy Idli

Idlis are among the healthiest, easiest and without doubt the most liked breakfast for South Indians. There is some difference in the way Tamilians get their mix versus the way Andhra does its idli. This is the Andhra style of Idli making.
This page will be useful if you do make idlis regularly but get your batter from the store, readymade. If this is your first time with idlis, then it may take a few times of cooking to get the 'steaming' part right.


The ratio

1 cup Urad Dal

2 cups Idli Rava

Step 1

Roll up your sleeves

Wash & soak in water for 3 hours

Step 2

After three hours

Grind to a soft paste.

Avoid adding too much water while grinding it down

Wash the idli rava two to three times,

Squeeze out as much of the water as possible

Step 3

The batter

Mix the wet idli rava to the Urad dal paste.

Let it stand for 4 hours to allow fermentation

Step 4

After effects

You can continue to ferment it if you like your idlis particularly sour ( Many do!!).

Otherwise you can make the idlis now or refrigerate the batter

Step 5

Making the idlis

Add salt according to taste to the batter

Pour the batter into ‘idli patram’ and steam.

You can use a steamer

Alternately a pressure cooker without the weight works as a steamer !!

I use a pressure cooker into which I add 2 cups of water, place the idli rack, close the cover and heat it without the weight on.

Wait till the steam is really strong and then turnoff the fire. Generally takes about 10 minutes but you ll have to perfect the timing.

Serve idlis hot with coconut chutney, sambar or peanut chutney. And be prepared for second servings !!


Gita's Kitchen said...

I too use the same ratio for the batter but here in US I have a hard timing making the batter to ferment even after hours in the oven :(

Anonymous said...

I havent ever done it, but have you ever tried adding yeast to hasten fermentation. Doctors sometimes prescribe probiotics diarrhoea. One of them is Lactobacillus. Maybe should mix that in the dough and try. In the US I mean